How To Tuesday : The Benefits of Beading


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Beading activities are wonderful ways to develop fine motor, visual, and cognitive skills. 


+ Beads : I usually keep a bin of loose wood beads on hand in the studio for a variety of art experiences.  Natural wood beads are easily decorated with colorful markers, acrylic, washi tape, or DIY liquid watercolors.

+ Chenille Stems : aka Pipe Cleaners, these colorful fuzzy wires are incredibly versatile in art making processes. Thread beads onto a stem and wrap around a wrist for wearable art. Create a line sculpture by twisting and pinching beaded stems together. Pipe cleaners also make fantastic stems on Forever Flowers.


PRE-SERVICE EDUCATORS/CLASSROOM TEACHERS & PARENTS/CAREGIVERS : Threading beads on straws, yarn, or pipe cleaners encourages eye hand coordination. Reinforce visual art concepts by sorting colors and creating patterns. Save glass and plastic jars or use muffin tins for sorting beads by color. Learn through play with a Color Sorting Game : use household items (spoons, tongs, chopsticks) to pick up beads to place into the containers. Name the colors as each bead is sorted into the containers. Learning line awareness is super fun when beads are placed on the bold outlines of a coloring page or hand drawn image.

Remember : Explore, Experiment, and Play!

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